‘Ndrangheta Fugitive Extradited to Italy from Brazil to serve 30 year sentence

Rocco Morabito

Rocco Morabito, an ‘Ndrangheta mafioso who was second on the Italy’s most-wanted list (after number one Matteo Messina Denaro), was finally captured in Brazil in May 2021, after more than 27 years on the run.

730,000 Euros worth of assets confiscated from members of Cosa Nostra

cosa nostra confiscation of assets

Confiscation orders were issued for a total value of about EUR530,000 euros against Aiello and 200,000 euros against Puccio

The Mexican Mafia kills one of its own

Donald Ortiz

The Mexican Mafia was founded in the late 1950s by inmates in the California state prison system. Latino gang members from Southern California banded together for protection against inmates of other races and Latino gangs from Northern California.

Emma and the other ladies of narco

Emma y las Otras Señoras del Narcol

Anabel Hernández , a Mexican journalist and author, has published a book about Emma Coronel Aispuro, the wife of the wife of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, and other wives of other cartel drug lords.

Sambuca mafia boss and 3 collaborators thrown into jail

Leo Sutera - Sambuca mafia boss

The prison sentence for the 70-year-old boss Leo Sutera, believed to be the head of the Sambuca mafia clan and very loyal to the fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro, was reduced on appeal from 18 years to 14 years and 6 months.  The Palermo court of appeal also confirmed the prison sentences of three mafia collaborators … Read more