Three Yakuza members Arrested in Richmond, Canada

Three people living in have been detained and charged with participating in an organized crime ring with ties to China and the Japanese Yakuza. They were charged with several drug and firearm offenses after a three-year investigation by the British Columbia RCMP’s Federal Serious and Organized Criminal (FSOC) squad, that resulted in the destruction of the local arm of international organized crime network.

It is claimed that Chun Yu Luk, Shuai Yuan, and Ya Bobo Chen are connected to the notorious Japanese Yakuza transnational organized crime organization through a criminal partner in Japan. Luk, Yuan and Chen have been charged with multiple counts of drug related offences in addition to numerous firearm offences.

The BC-based organized crime organization allegedly sent two separate consignments of methamphetamines to Tokyo, hidden in protein powder containers. The first shipment involved 12 kg of the narcotic, while the second included 7 kg of methamphetamines. This prompted authorities from across Canada and Japan to coordinate a series of warrant executions and enforcement actions.

The Yakuza-affiliated Japanese national was detained and charged with drug importation offenses with the assistance of the Japan Nara Prefectural Police. In addition, another Tokyo-based suspect of Chinese nationality, made an attempt to fly from Japan to Hong Kong via the Haneda Airport. However he was apprehended and arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

“As a major international law enforcement agency with a vast network of domestic and international partnerships, BC RCMP Federal Policing and its partners work together to protect Canadians, and the international community by rapidly and decisively responding to the most serious threats posed by transnational organized crime groups anywhere in the world,” said the RCMP’s Supt. Richard Bergevin, who headed up the investigation.

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