730,000 Euros worth of assets confiscated from members of Cosa Nostra

Epifanio Aiello, also known as “Fanuzzo,” had been arrested in the operation called “Apocalypse” on charges of having been part of the Mafia family of Palermo Partanna Mondello.

He has now been found guilty of setting up and administering companies as a money laundering front for Cosa Nostra, and was sentenced to 8 years and 8 months of imprisonment, confirmed in the subsequent degrees of judgment.

Also arrested in the same sting was Marcello Puccio, a member of the mafia family of Palermo San Lorenzo. He was found guilty of coordinating extortion and construction work, and was sentenced to 8 years and 8 months of imprisonment, increased on appeal to 10 years of imprisonment, confirmed in the next degree of judgment.

Confiscation orders were issued for a total value of about 530,000 euros against Epifanio Aiello, 56, and another order of confiscation of assets for a total value of about 200,000 euros against Marcello Puccio, 43 years old.

These assets included the entire share capital, with the relative set of corporate assets of the company “CA. VIN.DA S.R.L.”, based in Palermo operating in the construction sector; 9 bank accounts; 2 vehicles, 3/5 of a house located in Palermo, and 2 banking relationships.

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