Dashcam video captures Triad warfare in Hong Kong with machetes and guns

Machete-wielding Triad gang members attacked a rival group in one of Hong Kong’s busiest nightlife areas at the beginning of June. The attack left one man with a gunshot wound and two other people hurt, according to police.

Dramatic dashcam video posted online by the Hong Kong Free Press shared depicts thugs with knives stepping out of a car and attacking a nearby vehicle before running away from the scene.

According to senior superintendent Tony Ho, the incident was the result of “retaliation” between two triads over a dispute relating to the division of revenues from illegal operations such as the drug trade and gambling.

According to Ho, at least eight attackers ambushed three automobiles belonging to one gang while they were stopped at a stop sign, but the ambush was soon thwarted.

The incident begins as attackers emerge from a Lexus wielding machete-like knives and attacking a nearby white car, which is seen on camera.

As the attackers start their attack, a black van following the white car slams into the attackers’ vehicle, striking at least two of the attackers, then speeds off.

The superintendent said that at least two shots were fired at the instigators, though no information was provided regarding the identity of the gunman.

As more men with knives enter the picture, the majority of the attackers unexpectedly and abruptly turn around and run away.

Police received reports of the attack at 2.40 a.m. local time. When they arrived on the scene, they arrested six men who were all part of the group who had appeared to initiate the attack.

Officers detained three of them, who ranged in age from 23 to 42, for possession of weapons and attempted homicide. A 36-year-old was also detained after being injured and taken to the hospital.

One of the two remaining males, age 25, was undergoing surgery on Friday afternoon due to an abdomen gunshot wound, and the other, age 30, had a head wound.

Police discovered one 9mm bullet, possibly fired from a semi-automatic weapon, one bullet casing, and nine knives at the site.

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