Fears that Organized Crime in the Netherlands will target Princess Amalia and PM Mark Rutte

According to De Telegraaf, in the Netherlands extra security has been put in place for Princess Amalia and Prime Minister Mark Rutte due to concerns that one of them could be attacked or kidnapped by an organized crime group.

Rutte has allegedly been the target of the criminal organization previously. The prime minister’s protection was increased in September 2021 because of concerns that organized crime would target him for an attack or kidnapping.

The police and Public Prosecution Service (OM) are on high alert, due to intelligence received that local criminal groups were going to target the princess or prime minister. Authorities are especially concerned about recent close interactions between Ridouan Taghi and Mohammed B, two well-known detainees of the Extra Secure Institution in Vught.

While B. is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Theo van Gogh, Taghi is a suspected criminal organization leader. Because there were worries that the two were growing too close, B. was transferred.

De Telegraaf claims that they have since exchanged letters, possibly containing encrypted messages.

Early in September, the Dutch Crown Princess enrolled at the University of Amsterdam. According to De Telegraaf, she doesn’t seem to be residing at her dorm.

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