Istanbul Police Capture the Killers of Jovan Vukoti, the leader of the Kaljari mafia in Montenegro

On September 8, Jovan Vukoti, the head of the Kaljari mafia clan in Montenegro, was killed by two assailants on a motorcycle, who shot him in his car in Istanbul’s Sisli neighbourhood.

The Istanbul Police Anti-Organized Crime Branch and Intelligence Directorate initiated a thorough investigation after Vukoti’s murder. Twelve people were detained as a result of the operation, including the suspected assassins Radoje Živković and Zdravko Perunović, who are high-ranking members of the Škaljati’s opponent clan – the Kavač. The identities of the additional individuals detained by Istanbul police was not disclosed.

During the raids the Istanbul police also found 11 fake IDs, six forged passports, and two guns which are believed to be the weapons used to kill Vukoti.

Jovan Vukoti had been captured in Istanbul and extradited to Serbia three years ago. However, he subsequently escaped and returned to Turkey.

According to reports in the Serbian media, it is thought that Radoje Zvicer, the leader of the Kavač clan, ordered the assassination of Jovan Vukoti in Istanbul after numerous failed attempts to do so in Serbia and Montenegro.

The Kavač and Škaljari clans originated in Kotor, on the Adriatic coast. Initially they collaborated to import cocaine from South America, but in 2014 the relationship between the gangs soured, kicking off a bloody feud. The resulting conflict upended Serbia and Montenegro’s criminal underground, with other criminal gangs, some police officers, and even politicians taking sides.

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