Camorra Feud Triggers Ambush and Double Murder in Naples

On the 31st January shots rang out in the streets of Naples. The ambush and subsequent double murder in the Don Guanella district, a suburb of Miano, where 45-year-old Pasquale Torre and 35-year-old Giuseppe Di Napoli died, is believed to be a hit related to the war between rival Camorra groups.

The hit men were riding scooters, while the victims were in the car when they were ambushed. One of the two dead, Di Napoli, tried to save himself: he got out of the car and tried to escape but the killers caught him and killed him. Torre, on the other hand, was found lifeless by the police and 118 health workers, still sitting on the driver’s side of the car. 

According to the Scampia police and the Mobile Squad, Pasquale Torre is the brother of Mariano Torre, a pentito (state’s witness) linked to the Lo Russo clan. It was Mariano Torre who shed light on the death of Genny Cesarano, the 17-year-old killed on 6 September 2015, in the Sanità district, during an attack carried out on the orders of the boss Carlo Lo Russo (who later also became a pentito) to kill the rival boss Pietro Esposito.

At the moment, however, although other leads are not totally excluded, for the investigators the death of Pasquale Torre would not be attributable to a “transversal” revenge against the repentant. Pasquale and Mariano are sons of Antonio Torre, brother of Anna Torre who is the wife of Giuseppe Lo Russo, a leading exponent of the Lo Russo clan, nicknamed “i capitoni”, now decimated by the action of the police and the judiciary. 

The investigators of the State Police and the DDA believe instead that it is more plausible that the double murder is the answer to another murder that took place at the beginning of last November. A 38-year-old was killed, a murder that is believed to the trigger of the feud between rival Camorra groups.

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