Cosa Nostra is trying to make a comeback

Over the last few weeks, it has become clear that the grey area of collusion between Cosa Nostra and politicians or state officials is once again growing. Two politicians have been arrested – one for buying votes to get elected and a second for corruption.

“It is really astonishing that, after all that has happened in Italy, after the murders of institutional exponents at the hands of the mafia, after the massacres, politics has not yet become aware of the need to keep vigilance high to avoid mafia infiltration, starting with a wise choice of candidates.”

Maria Falcone, president of the Giovanni Falcone Foundation

Maria Falcone, who leads the Giovanni Falcone Foundation, which she set up in her brother’s honour, spoke to the press about her serious concern that the pendulum has swung, and that Cosa Nostra is once again establishing convivenza and lurking in the shadows waiting for the right moment to pounce and regain its position in society, that they had lost thirty years ago after the massacres of Capaci and Via d’Amelio.

“It is evident that Cosa Nostra aims at the funds of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. If the investigators had not already told us, the interceptions would. There is no point warning that there is a serious risk that the mafia will be able to lay their hands on the post-Covid European recovery funds, if then in the places where decisions are made the political parties send people who are no more than patsies of the mafia.

Finally, it is shocking that after the very serious episodes of the last two days the reactions of politicians have been rare and mild. I don’t want to think that we are getting used to a return to the darkest past of our Sicily”.

Maria Falcone, president of the Giovanni Falcone Foundation
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