Dutch Security Forces thwart kidnapping of Belgian Minister of Justice

According to a video message posted by the Belgian Minister of Justice, Vincent Van Quickenborne, the Belgian security forces had prevented an organized crime squad from kidnapping him.

This followed a statement that Van Quickenborne had published on Facebook earlier in the day, announcing that the security services had effectively and swiftly countered a threat to his address involving numerous suspects from the Netherlands.

“It is a threat that was directed against myself as Minister of Justice and no one else. Action was taken quickly and suspects were arrested. As a precautionary measure, I will be placed under strict security for the time being and will not be able to participate in some planned activities in the coming days. It’s not pleasant, but understandable.”

Belgian Minister of Justice, Vincent Van Quickenborne

At the request of the Belgian police, three Dutch individuals were detained in Leidschendam and The Hague. They had been pursued by Belgian police all the way from Van Quickenborne’s residence to the Dutch border.

Additionally, the suspects abandoned a car with Dutch license plates near the minister’s residence. An automatic weapon and gasoline-filled bottles were reportedly discovered inside, according to Belgian media. An intense hunt is currently under way to capture a fourth suspect, who is currently still at large.

 “Let me be clear: the people behind this are achieving the opposite of what they intend. It strengthens my conviction that we must keep fighting. The criminals feel cornered. That feeling is justified. Because we will continue to fight organized crime, with more manpower and resources than before.”

Belgian Minister of Justice, Vincent Van Quickenborne
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