Decapitations and Shootings in Turf War between Cartels in Mexico

Gang members from the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel entered El Jarras pool hall in the Tarimoro municipality of the state of Guanajuato where several people were celebrating and started shooting into the crowd.

Nine people died on the scene, and another died from their injuries after being taken to a hospital.

Shortly after the attack, horrifying pictures and videos of the incident spread online. In the video below, which is believed to have originated from the attackers, a wounded victim is seen lying on the ground, and many colourful cards flutter around.

The killers left several orange and green cards around the scene.

“This occurred to me for supporting ‘Zermeo,’ and will keep occurring to everybody who supports him. They will be held accountable.”

Message on one of the cards left on the scene

The reference is most likely to “El chago,” Santiago Quiroz Zermeo, a member of the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel who is currently under arrest.

Since 2017, Jalisco Nueva Generación and the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel have been at war over drug distribution in the locality.

According to the second card, Tarimoro and the nearby towns of Moncada, Jerez, Jerécuaro, and Apaseo el Alto “belonged” to the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel. The pool hall was targeted because Jalisco Nueva Generación had reportedly started utilizing the venue as a drug store to sell crystal meth.

A few days earlier Santa Rosa de Lima had warned Jalisco Nueva Generación of an impending attack, via a video that showed a decapitated human head in a car’s trunk.

In recent years, the conflict between the two criminal organizations has left a trail of blood and violence. Just last weekend, the headless bodies of two people who were allegedly abducted by the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel were discovered 19 kilometres from Tarimoro.

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