Organized Crime Unleashes Terror in British Columbia

The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit is the specialised organized crime “integrated anti-gang police agency” in British Columbia.

With nearly 400 officers, this British Columbia unit is “the third largest police ‘force'” in the province and is the largest integrated police program in Canada. Its personnel come from every police agency in the province, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The “E” Division Headquarters of the RCMP serves as the unit’s headquarters of operations in Metro Vancouver. The special enforcement unit is completely represented throughout the province thanks to coordinated operations in all of its locations.

The goal of the unit is to identify and take down the organized crime organizations and individuals who pose the greatest threat to public safety by participating in gang warfare throughout British Columbia.

Bombs and Threats in West Kootenay

Police believe that drug trafficking and organized crime in the West Kootenay (British Columbia) are responsible for the automobile explosion that injured a 41-year-old man in Montrose on September 9.

“He received life-saving medical intervention from members of the public in the area after the explosion. The Montrose man is expected to recover from his grievous injuries sustained from the explosion.

Trail and Greater District RCMP Victim Services is here to support the Montrose community during this turbulent time.”

Sgt. Mike Wicentowich

Sgt. Mike Wicentowich detailed the magnitude of the detonation in his most recent press statement.

“The investigation discovered that a piece of metal from the explosion travelled a significant distance from the scene and passed through the corner of a residence in the neighbourhood,” he said. “It missed the homeowner by a narrow margin.”

Sgt. Mike Wicentowich

The Trail and Greater District RCMP, Provincial General Investigation Section, Forensic Identification Unit, and E Division Explosive Device Unit began a joint investigation into the 8th Avenue explosion. Investigators are collaborating with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit.

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